Frances & Erika-Las Vegas

This past week was WPPI 2010 and it was a perfect time for Erika and I to do some sessions of our own since we don’t get out in front of the camera much. We thought why not do something fun and different? We each did some day and night shots; something that was different for the both of us and it made us get outside of our comfort zones. Here are some of the new pics we took! More to come from our Vegas experience and WPPI!


K Engagement Sneak Peek

This was another fun and fantastic session! This couple is so love with each other and it shows!!! They are going to have a fun beach theme wedding which will be a great end to the wedding season!! This couple was so creative and ready for the session!! Enjoy!! 🙂

S Engagement Sneak Peek

This is one of my favorite people, obviously I’m a little bias since she is a very close friend and also my associate photographer. This was a very special session as her fiancee was just back from deployment and now they will not see each other until their wedding in July. This session was a lot of fun and loved seeing them interact together. I look forward to working on the rest of their pictures and their wedding coming up in just a few short months. 🙂

M & L Maternity Session

This couple are so incredible and have such an amazing baby boy. They were blessed on January 18th, 2010 with little Landon who came into this world a little earlier than expected. His mommy and daddy have been keeping family and friends up to date using by giving journal entries and a guestbook for everyone to sign. They have been in Las Vegas for about the last three weeks doing surgery and watching the little guy grow as he was born with a rare heart condition. He is doing much better and making great progress, but the family is taking it one day at a time. I thought I would post a few of the maternity pictures of this little guy just the day BEFORE he was born!!

Sterling Minerals Cosmetics

We have had the pleasure of working with a local cosmetics company in doing their product photography for the update of their site This company strives to help women and men restore the radiant healthy skin they had in their youth. They are dedicated to only making the highest of quality products and providing what the customer desires. They are constantly looking for new ways to impress and come out with new products to meet the needs of their clients. I have used their makeup for a couple years now and I absolutely love it! We have been working with Sterling Minerals to recreate some new product photography and ideas for displaying their cosmetics line. These are the latest in the eye shadow colors. They are a member of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce and can be found on Facebook, Twitter as well as on youTube! Enjoy and if you get a chance, go check out the site… you will find a wealth of knowledge and incredible products!

Newest Change at Two…

We would like to welcome the newest addition to our studio… our new logo!!! It was time for a change and we thought what better time than now with all the love in the air! Enjoy and look forward to posting some more sneak peeks this week!! Stay tuned!

Team Landon!!!

I want to tell you the incredible story of this little boy named Landon Palmer. He was supposed to be due on February 16, 2010. Yes, we haven’t passed that date yet… Landon was born on January 18th, 2010 to Michael and Lyndsay. He wasn’t just born early, he had some problems with his heart, which since he was born, has had two open heart surgeries. Lyndsay and Michael have been down in Las Vegas with Landon while he has been growing strong and making strides recovering. Landon has yet to even see his new home where he will be growing up. Their little family is coming home soon and so all their family and friends back in Idaho wanted them to know how much they care and miss them. If you want to read more or learn more about this amazing little guy go here…

Here are some of today’s pictures that will be sent to Lyndsay and Michael to show them the support they will have surrounding them always!

Stork Spinal Care

We had the pleasure of going out to the office of Stork Spinal care and taking their office and staff photos. This is such a great team that make chiropractic care easy, comfortable and long lasting. Stork Spinal Care has been in Meridian for the last few years and just opened their Boise office just a few months ago. They have a nice, quaint office and very welcoming. If you ever need chiropractic care, I would highly recommend them hands down! Visit their site at to learn more!

C Sweet 16 Sneak Peek

This was a grandiose event and so incredible! It came together in with all the vendors working to make the event perfect. Thank you to Heaven Essence Floral & Gifts, DJ Joe’s, Rib Shack, and Greg Marsh Cakes for creating such a memorable event and giving us so much to capture!

B Wedding Sneak Peek

This was a super fun wedding. I loved when we did  their engagement session and was looking forward to their wedding. They are such an in love couple and meant for each other. Their wedding was so beautiful and suited their personalities perfect!

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