E Sneak Peek

This is one of my previous wedding client’s sister and it was such a blast to do this session. She has such a way about her and posing was no problem at all. The camera loves her! Hope everyone likes them!!


So far, so good…

We would just like to take today’s blog post and take a moment to thank all of you… our clients, our followers and facebook friends. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are today and being able to tell your story. We want to thank you for your referrals, your comments, your suggestions and all your feedback that has ever been provided. We can’t thank you enough for being the fantastic following that you are and letting us do what we do while enjoying every minute of it. We don’t do it as a job. We don’t do it because we have to. We don’t do it just because. We do it because it’s a passion, a love, and a desire to capture what is most important to you. It’s an art that luckily we will never perfect because each story is so different and unique. Thank you for being part of those details and events that are unforgettable. Thank you for letting us create your story and give you something to cherish for many years to come. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! We look forward to another fantastic year and telling stories.

Frances & Erika

Frances & Erika-Las Vegas

This past week was WPPI 2010 and it was a perfect time for Erika and I to do some sessions of our own since we don’t get out in front of the camera much. We thought why not do something fun and different? We each did some day and night shots; something that was different for the both of us and it made us get outside of our comfort zones. Here are some of the new pics we took! More to come from our Vegas experience and WPPI!

Newest Change at Two…

We would like to welcome the newest addition to our studio… our new logo!!! It was time for a change and we thought what better time than now with all the love in the air! Enjoy and look forward to posting some more sneak peeks this week!! Stay tuned!

Team Landon!!!

I want to tell you the incredible story of this little boy named Landon Palmer. He was supposed to be due on February 16, 2010. Yes, we haven’t passed that date yet… Landon was born on January 18th, 2010 to Michael and Lyndsay. He wasn’t just born early, he had some problems with his heart, which since he was born, has had two open heart surgeries. Lyndsay and Michael have been down in Las Vegas with Landon while he has been growing strong and making strides recovering. Landon has yet to even see his new home where he will be growing up. Their little family is coming home soon and so all their family and friends back in Idaho wanted them to know how much they care and miss them. If you want to read more or learn more about this amazing little guy go here… http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/landonpalmer/journal

Here are some of today’s pictures that will be sent to Lyndsay and Michael to show them the support they will have surrounding them always!

Stork Spinal Care

We had the pleasure of going out to the office of Stork Spinal care and taking their office and staff photos. This is such a great team that make chiropractic care easy, comfortable and long lasting. Stork Spinal Care has been in Meridian for the last few years and just opened their Boise office just a few months ago. They have a nice, quaint office and very welcoming. If you ever need chiropractic care, I would highly recommend them hands down! Visit their site at www.storkspinalcare.com to learn more!

L Sneak Peek

Meet Lindsey… she works at Computer Stop and is amazing! If you ever need any thing computer related she’s the one to help you! We did a quick little session and it was a lot of fun… we are even doing another one!! Hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season! Enjoy!!!

Abbie & Josiah Sneak Peek

AbbieSummer_2295cowmThis is my “Seasons” girl and her brother. She has been such an awesome person to work with and her brother is amazing! This was our last shoot as the project is coming to a close, but I will be posting pictures that will be going into a little surprise I’m working on for her. 🙂 Thanks again Abbie & Josiah!!







Meet Jorene



Meet Me

Hello followers!!!

Most of you know me as Frances of R. Patrick Photography, but in the coming months, one half of R. Patrick Photography will be leaving to head north. We are still partners but want to venture on to other markets. I am now Frances of Two Photography where there are two sides to every story. We are in the beginning stages of getting all the marketing and website transferred over but as we do I will keep everyone posted! Thank you for being followers and I look forward to serving you in the coming months for all your photographic needs.



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